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Sponsored Degree

Year 13

Study, Work & Sponsorship Options

There are a number of university course options whereby you combine studying for a degree whilst working for a particular company or even get sponsored through university.

If you know what career you wish to pursue, these are an attractive option as they provide funding for your degree, work experience, often an ongoing salary and a guaranteed graduate role at the end. If you are concerned about student debt this maybe an option you wish to consider.

Also, you will find them less competitive at this early stage to get into to, compared to obtaining a graduate role with the same employer after your degree, when the competition will be a lot tougher.

Increasingly, companies are offering Degree Apprenticeships. You study for a degree whilst working. All university fees are paid and you receive a salary with a confirmed graduate role at the end of your studies.

Take a look at the Degree Apprenticeships HERE

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