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Preparing for the psychometric testing of specific Assessment Companies

At the start of your graduate career, you will often come across company names like SHL or Kenexa without really understanding their importance.

In today’s modern workplace, chances are that you’re already aware of the many psychometric assessments you are likely to face when applying for a Graduate job. This can include batteries of online aptitude tests in Numerical, Verbal and Inductive Reasoning tests as well as many different personality questionnaires to name just a few. What many students don’t take into consideration though, is that employers will use one of several different assessment companies for their recruitment process. Each one of these companies have their own variations of aptitude tests and systems.

Why knowledge about assessment companies matter

The assessment company is a vital factor that you need to take into consideration when preparing for aptitude testing. A Numerical Reasoning test from a company like SHL will look very different from a Numerical Reasoning test from Saville Consulting. As such when you’re preparing to take the online assessment examinations, it is essential that you prepare for the correct aptitude tests you will be facing.

How to Prepare for these different test types

The only way to prepare properly is through the use of practise tests. Studies show that candidates who have practised with the relevant tests before sitting aptitude assessments have a significantly higher chance of getting the job as this is a reflection of their aptitude test results.

You can get hold of the precise practice test you will need at JobTestPrep.

The major Assessments Companies you need to be aware of while applying for jobs are:

Click on the above for further details of each.

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