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Kenexa is also a major talent measurement company. Their reach is global and they are used by top companies throughout the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. Kenexa is owned by IBM.

Kenexa also offers employers several different groups of assessments to choose from, these include

Kenexa’s Infinity Series, The Prove It Series and the The Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test.

Kenexa’s Infinity Series is made up of Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning tests and are usually administered online. The Infinity Series tests are based on a bank of almost 200 different questions from which about 20 questions are chosen at random for each test.

The Prove It Series is more varied and flexible than many aptitude tests. They put more emphasis on the personality traits and characteristics needed for specific job positions. These tests are taken through a web based portal of thousands of different tests based on professions, so someone applying for a secretarial job can expect to go through a typing test for example.

The Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test is made up of questions that present you with different series of shapes and images. The images will change in a sequence following certain logical rules. You will need to choose from several possible images which one best completes the pattern.

Here are some of the companies that use Kenexa's test services: Nomura, Deutsche Bank, and Balfour Beatty.

Get hold of Kenexa specific practice tests HERE

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