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All of the graduate jobs on offer within each section are aimed at final year students who are looking to start a full time position at the end of the year. Most are also aimed at existing graduates who have been qualified for 1-2 years. The qualifications required by the majority of employers listed on the site are a 2.1 or above. Most of the jobs listed are Graduate Schemes, which comprise rotations or structured training programmes, rather than simply a graduate job. Many employers do not stipulate the degree discipline and welcome any subject. Others will be specific that they require a more vocational (e.g. engineering, fashion) degree or a scientific or numerical one (e.g. economics, maths).

The graduate jobs are mainly listed by industry. If therefore you are interested in a graduate scheme in Finance, HR or IT, (and to a lesser extent Marketing) most of the employers across all industries will have positions available. Others like Banking or Law have very specific graduate schemes related to their industries. However, all the Investment Banks for example will also recruit for central functions, as well as areas such as marketing and communications.

Therefore unless, you wish to work in a specific industry or a vocational role (e.g. lawyer) you would be advised to explore the options across all market sectors. The engineering companies or energy companies for example do not just recruit engineering graduates they also have graduate jobs for marketing and business students.

In this case, it would be easier for you to use the search function.

Listed below are the various industry sectors. Click on each to access the range of graduate schemes for that sector.

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