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Armed Forces

Career Decisions

The armed forces are made up of the:

  1. The Army

  2. The Royal Navy

  3. The Royal Air force (RAF)

All of the above offer generous sponsorship of students through both A ‘levels and university.

The Navy offers both 1 and 2 year scholarships to A level students. All sponsorship awards include a guaranteed Naval College entry place to join Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) after completing school. However there is the opportunity for candidates to attend university, where you are also sponsored. There are separate sponsorship programmes for dental medical and engineering undergraduate students.

An Army Scholarship offers financial support to you while you study for A Levels/ Scottish Highers and opens up the way for you to receive financial sponsorship at university before entering the Army for officer training after you graduate. This is equal to £1500 per year at school.

The two year A level Scholarship scheme is for candidates of a high academic ability who display leadership potential. You will then be required to enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for Officer Training. Additionally and provided that you continue to make satisfactory progress there is an undergraduate bursary available to help Army Scholars through university (Army Bursary). This equals £1000 for each year of university. There is a bonus of £3000 once Sandhurst training has been completed and a commission has been secured. Whilst the majority of Scholars go to university, it is possible to go to Sandhurst straight from sixth form or college.

The Royal Air Force offers  a number of sponsorships. In your sixth form they will sponsor you in year 13 for £1000. If you are interested in joining the air squadron, there is a £6000 bursary spread over your 2nd and 3rd years at university and free flying lessons. There are also medical and dental bursaries whilst at university, which pay £8,000 and £6,000 respectively over 2 years and guarantee you a job at the end.

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