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2015 - New Year...New You

Emma Goble, Social Media Editor from River Island, has given some insight into her role and the importance that university life had on her fashion career so far.

Can you briefly explain what a typical day in the life of a Social Media Executive usually involves?

It can really vary. Asides from speaking to our 3 million plus social audience, I can be planning campaigns, out on a shoot, writing a new blog post or an article for our print magazine, or attending events such as festivals and premieres.

The day absolutely flies by and there is so much variety to my role. Whilst a lot of it can be sparkly and glamorous there are certainly parts to it which aren’t such as the business reporting.

Did you go to university? If so, what did you study and was it useful for you current role?

I studied Fashion Journalism at UCA. The course was really good and very useful for my current role. In hindsight, I wish I had done more research on what courses were available as the Fashion Promotion course looked really interesting too. I started my course in 2007 and there were nowhere near as many digital focused courses available as there are now.

While at university, did you undertake any work placements or internships to gain extra experience?

I have done so many internships down the years. I actually had my first one at Bliss magazine when I was still in the 6th form. I was mainly making tea but it was a great first experience!

At university I interned at four places. At MyTights I was mainly doing office and marketing admin. I also got to help with samples and actually picked the tights for a Girls Aloud video. It was the video where they are dressed up in burlesque clothes; I forget the name of the song though! I worked at Jeepers Peepers (sunglasses) where I did a number of things including writing press releases. They were lovely people and I even got paid! I did a brief bit of work at London Fashion Week where I helped dress the models. That was very exciting. I also worked at Buba London where I got to do lots of interesting work including writing press releases, writing website content and dressing shoots.

For those thinking of pursuing a career in social media, any tips or pointers?

Live and breathe social. Get savvy and use every platform as much as you can. Start a blog. Read as much online content as you can and keep in the know. I try to check Mashable and The Drum a few times a day but still struggle to keep up! Contact small companies and volunteer to help with their social media. Our last intern actually managed to convince a local café to pay her £50 a week to manage their social media accounts!

What would you look for in a candidate if you were looking for someone to work in the department?

Many of the things mentioned in the last question. A genuine lover of fashion. Someone fun and outgoing. Someone with lots of energy as social never sleeps!

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