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10 Tips for Getting Recruited

Tips for getting recruited

The recruitment process today for students is prolonged and made up of a number of elements. Most employers want you to complete an online application form. Following this they will ask you to complete online tests – these are always numerical and often verbal and can include logical. You need to pass these tests to get through to the next stage – so practice. Next is often an interview –this can be on the phone or via skype or it may be face to face. This is generally a competency-based interview where each question is systematically designed to test a particular personal attribute that they are looking for. For example organisation and planning, working well under pressure, analytical skills, team work etc. They will ask you to describe a situation, which you have been in, which demonstrate these competencies. They will mark you on each answer.

If you pass the interview, it’s on to an assessment centre, which is more interviews (often by the business) and also a group exercise and case study. How can you improve your changes of success?

  • Practice online tests before you take any.

  • Prepare for your interview by preparing answers to competency questions (prepare c15). Here are some examples:

  • Scrutinise the employers web site, making note of recent news announcements, deals, latest share price, general numbers such as annual turnover, profit etc.
  • Read the papers – ensure you have a few latest business stories at your finger tips, if asked
  • Understand what you are being tested on in a group exercise. Find out here:

  • Ensure you know what a SWOT analysis is and a PESTLE analysis, as this will help you in a case study
  • Be crystal clear with your answers as to why you want the role, why you are suited to the role and why you want to work for that company.
  • If you are going to be asked to present and you have little experience – practice.
  • The Student Ladder has a number of useful downloadable booklets to help you:

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