Should you go to University?

This is not a straight forward decision. Being a graduate is no longer a passport to graduate employment. Fewer than half of first degree graduates secure professional jobs within six months of graduating. Many graduates find that they are no more employable than when they left school, only poorer. Unless supported financially by parents, you will come out with an average of £44,000 of student debt. That is significant, particularly if you start on a non professional salary of less than £20k.

You need to really want to go. If you are academically gifted, inspired by your course or studying a vocational degree - then you are fortunate and you will no doubt have no problem with the decision.

Many students can however be disappointed with university, citing little time with tutors, overcrowded lecture theatres and poor teaching.

The tide is changing and university degrees are not so respected as they once were and not needed for you to go on to be successful. Listen to your parents and teachers but then make your own decision, based on your passion, potential and rationale thought!

Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes are now increasingly popular and can be more sought over than university places. For example PWC receive over 2000 applications for 100 places. They offer extremely prestigious schemes as do most of the top 100 graduate employers.

Watch this video for some help with your thinking - it gives you the advantages and disadvantages and some of the things you may want to consider.

Student Ladder