Though relatively new (founded in 2005) Talent Q has already taken a leading role in psychometric testing worldwide.

They group their assessment tests into 4 types. Elements, Dimensions, Aspects and Judgments.

Elements make up the standard aptitude test including Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning tests.

Dimensions are geared towards personality trait assessments. It includes tests that assess emotional makeup and relationship skills.

Aspects combines the use of both personality questionnaires together with aptitude tests such as Numerical and Verbal and Checking Reasoning tests.

Judgements these tests are similar to the Situational Judgment tests offered by other companies, they present candidates with particular work related scenarios and ask them to grade certain possible actions from best to worst.

Here are some of the companies that use Talent Q test services: Carlsberg, Volkswagen, BT, Royal Mail and Citi.

Get hold of Talent Q specific practice tests HERE

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