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Gaining a pupillage when you qualify is immensely difficult and you will need some work experience before you do this. This is known as a mini pupillage and is 3 days to 1 week shadowing barristers in chambers, in the summer of your penultimate year, or a year earlier in some cases. You should look to do 3 or 4.  Some mini pupillages are assessed – where your performance is formally judged and then taken into consideration when you apply for a pupillage there.  The following firms offer mini pupillages. Many are open to students in their first year of university also.

Be aware that many law firms employ critical thinking tests as part of their recruitment process. A popular one is the Watson Glaser. Practice these tests  HERE

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  • Pump Court Tax Chambers – 3 days in length  - applications are considered every 3 months.
  • 4 Pump Court – 2 days in length – applications considered throughout the year. Apply a year in advance.
  • QEB - 1 week - applications considered 4 times per year. 
  • Quadrant Chambers – 2-3 days offered in July or September. They also offer an open day in December.
  • Radcliffe Chambers – 2 days several times a year. Preference given to penultimate year students.
  • Three Raymond Buildings -1 week for penultimate year students.
  • Ropewalk Chambers – 3 days in length for penultimate year students in Nottingham.
  • Selborne Chambers – 2 days aimed at penultimate year students.
  • Serle Court Chambers – 1 day in length aimed at first year students  - run throughout the year.
  • South Square– offer 1 week funded assessed mini pupillages (£500) and 2 days unfunded. They run throughout the year aimed at penultimate year students.
  • St John’s Chambers – they offer one mini pupillage per week for penultimate year students
  • St Philips Barristers – 3 days in length in Birmingham.
  • Five Stone Buildings -2-3 days for penultimate year students
  • Tanfield Chambers – 1 work mini pupillage available each week of the vacations periods.
  • Ten Old Square – 2-3 days three times per year. (Dec, Easter, Sept)
  • Three Stone - 2-3 days run a number times per year.
  • Wilberforce Chambers – 2-3 days run four times a year ( 7 places in each).  Two are for final year and two are for second year students.

 For pupillage applications to chambers, applications go through OLPAS - The Pupillages Portal. 

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