Work Placements - Banking

The following investment banks run an Easter programme. Some are unpaid others paid at c£400 per week. They involve a range of presentations by the business, work shadowing, networking, business games, and assessments. A few banks also run summer placements for first year students and a number advertise for campus ambassadors. Others run games or other events.

Be aware that the majority of banks ask you to complete online tests. You have to pass these before they even look at your application. Its critical therefore to gain some practice before you take them. Obtain practice papers and advice HERE

Banking: A - D

  • Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Spring Insight week: Accelerate your career by participating in a pre-internship insight programme. By taking part in a week long insight programme during your first year of a three year degree, or second year of a four year degree, you have the opportunity to be fast-tracked and earn a place on their summer internship programme the following year. Learn more about Bank of America's assessment process and online tests HERE
  • Bank of England. These internships run for six weeks giving you the opportunity to support a team on a specific across all areas of the Bank, from procurement or HR to monetary policy and banking supervision.
  • Barclays Spring Programme: there are a variety of programmes which include corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management, Technology, Finance, or operations.  The week includes work shadowing, workshops, interactive skills sessions and networking opportunities. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process for Barclays here.
  • BNP Paribas Spring Insight: 1 week programme covering corporate and investment banking. 
  • Citi Women in finance: 3 days with exposure across all the banking business areas. Learn more about Citi's assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Citi Spring Program: 1 week programme in a specific business area. Learn more about Citi's assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Credit Suisse Spring Insight Programme: They run two 1-week programmes within Investment Banking (which includes fixed income and equities) and the support functions, which include finance, IT, and Investment Banking Operations. Learn more about Credit Suisse assessment process and online tests HERE
  • Deutsche Bank Campus Ambassador:. Paid role for second year student representing Deutsche bank on campus. Application in second term of first year.
  • Deutsche Bank Spring Into Banking: 1 week programme in any of the following divisions: Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB): Corporate Finance, CIB: Markets, Finance, Group Technology & Operations, Human Resources and Risk. Learn more about Deutsche Bank assessment process and online tests HERE
  • Deutsche Bank One Week Introduction to Investment Banking. This is based in Birmingham and is 5 days introduction to Investment Banking. You will get exposure to global banking operations. 

Banking: F - J

  • FreshLook Banking: FreshLook is a profile-raising event specifically designed to introduce first-year female students to the wide range of careers in investment banking. Through informative presentations, panel discussions and informal networking, the event offers the chance to learn from professionals working at some of the world’s top investment banks. FreshLook is open to first-year female students from all degree disciplines. It is sponsored by BOA, Barclays, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley & UBS. You need to have 300+ UCAS points to attend the event.
  • Goldman Sachs Spring Internship: They run one 2-week programme within the following divisions: Finance, Global Investment Research , Internal Audit , Investment Banking, Investment Management, Operations, Securities, Services and Technology. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Goldman Sachs HERE
  • Goldman Sachs Student Challenge. Students are invited to come up with an innovative solution to one of three business challenges, demonstrating their creativity, analytical skills and strategic thinking. You will be invited to submit no more than one A4 page outlining your ideas. There will be three categories, one for each business challenge. The overall winner will be selected from the three finalists. This winner will receive one year of fees for a university in England, up to a maximum of £9,000, along with an opportunity to undertake a Goldman Sachs Spring Internship in London. The two other finalists will each receive an iPad.
  • Getting Investment Banking: A networking event. Open to students looking for a summer internship next summer. This is an opportunity to learn more about a career in Global Banking and Markets, Global Private Banking and Global Asset Management.
  • HSBC Spring Insight. 4-day event in London for 1st year students (or 2nd year students on a 4 year course). It offers an in-depth introduction to HSBC business areas across Global Banking and Markets.
  • HSBC: First Year Summer Internship . This is in retail banking & wealth managment. Eight weeks comprising 2 rotations. 
  • ICAP Industry Insight: A one week programme in the summer to give you an insight into interdealer broking. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by ICAP HERE
  • JP Morgan Spring Week Inside the Industry: 1 week programme within Investment Banking. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by JP Morgan HERE
  • JP Morgan Spring Week Experience the Markets: 1 week programme within sales, trading and research. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by JP Morgan HERE.
  • JP Morgan Spring week Technology: 1 week within technology. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by JP Morgan HERE.
  • JP Morgan Winning women inside the industry: designed only for female applicants interested in the investment Bank. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by JP Morgan HERE.
  • JP Morgan Winning Women In Europe: events aimed at women as an introduction to investment banking. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by JP Morgan HERE.

Banking: M - U

  • Morgan Stanley Spring Insight Programme: The Programme lasts for one week and will give you an overview of all recruiting divisions, including Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Private Wealth Management, Investment Management, Credit, Finance, Operations, and Technology. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Morgan Stanley HERE
  • Morgan Stanley undergraduate educational programmes. They offer a range of programmes, particularly for women that provide an insight into investment banking.
  • Nomura Women’s Immersion Programme: 2 weeks in investment banking, global markets or corporate infrastructure aimed at female applicants.
  • Nomura Insight Explore Programme: 3 days exposure to investment banking, Global markets and corporate infrastructure. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Nomura HERE
  • RBC Capital Markets. They run 8-10 week summer programmes in London in Global Investment Banking, Global Markets, Risk Management, Operations, and Technology.
  • RBS Group Spring Week: 1 week programmes in Markets and International Banking, Corporate Banking, M&IB Operations and M&IB operations. Also available in specilaist careers such as Business Services, Finance, HR, Risk and Audit. Available in London & Edinburgh. 
  • Rothschild. Their Spring Programme is centred in the Global Financial Advisory Division and will serve as an introduction to M&A, debt and restructuring and equity advisory businesses. 
  • Schroders. They offer a spring Insight day for you to explore the opportunities and possibilities within Investment Management and understand your career options. 
  • Swiss Re Internship: This is a 3-month summer internship available to undergraduates in your first year onwards.
  • UBS Emerging Talent Program. The Emerging Talent Program brings together students from around the globe to collaborate, network and learn in a hands-on one-month expenses-paid program (July - August). The program kicks off with a five-day global summit in Switzerland where you'll learn about UBS's history and strategy and get to know other interns from around the world. You'll return to your home base where you'll spend the rest of the program in UBS London offices working on a business-relevant project.
  • UBS Explore: a day in UBS offices networking and learning about their business
  • UBS Insights Programme: 1 week across all aspects of the investment banking. Learn more about UBS assessment process and online tests HERE
  • UBS Horizons: 5 week overseas Raleigh expedition in the summer: In addition inclusion in the Insights programme at Easter.
  • UBS Unlock Your Potential. An event for women which includes workshop, skills session and opportunity to network. 

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