Advertise with The Student Ladder

Advertise with The Student Ladder

The adverts on the student ladder are large in order to make an immediate impression on the student population. The site is very well targeted and its users are students aged 16-24. 

You can advertise on the site in two ways:

1. CPC: by simply paying on a CPC basis. (cost per click). This means you only pay if a user clicks on your advert. You therefore have very little financial risk.

The cost is 50p for each click thru.

You can take adverts anywhere on the site.

You can set a maximum budget within any time frame to control your costs. This way you have a guaranteed return on investment.

2. Price per advert per month: Alternatively, you can pay a monthly fee for an advert. The charges are:

  • £400 per month for the large rectangle slot on the home page. The advert size is 648px x 250px, fully animated. You can rotate other adverts if you wish.
  • £250 per month for the square slot on the home page. The advert size is 300px x 250px, fully animated. You can rotate other adverts if you wish.
  • £150 per month for any of the other large rectangle slots on the other pages throughout the site. The advert size is 646px wide x 230px high or 980px x 350px and is fully animated. You can rotate other adverts if you wish.

In this situation, we will limit the number of adverts sharing this slot to a maximum of 3. 

E-mail our Users

The Student Ladder started asking students to voluntarily register in January 2015. We now have c45,000 registered users, who have provided their year of study and their career interest. Users register at a rate of c2200 per month, so our database is growing quickly. We regularly send a newsletter and are able to bespoke them with relevent content on a particular job opportunity on behalf of your company and send to a particult audience. You can provide the content and imagery and we will construct the newsletter. The cost of e-mailing our total userbase is £1000. The newsletter is tracked so we can provide you with detailed analaytics on open rates and click through rates. Open rates obviously vary with each campaign, but are normally in the region of 30-35% with click thru rates of 10-15%. 

Company Profile

If you would like a dedicated page in the employers section of the site, this is available for £60 per annum. Please send us a logo, corporate profile and any other information on your recruitment programmes. We will post within a few days. 


Why Advertise with The Student Ladder?

  • Targeted by career interest: Each page is dedicated to a particular career interest – so students interested in banking, law, engineering, media etc will go to these particular pages which provide information about jobs and internships in that specific area. So you can be sure when you advertise you are reaching students interested in your industry.

  • Targeted by year of study: the site is sectioned by year of study, so you can closely target 16-18 years old, 1st year degree, penultimate year degree, final year students, sandwich students and graduates.

  • High Impact: The advert is very large and positioned at the top of the page, so extremely difficult to miss.

  • Flexibility: The advert is able to rotate, so if you want to have 2-3 adverts that are providing different messages about your company, products or opportunities, you are able to do so. Moving images also tend to capture attention.


The Student Ladder Audience

The Student Ladder audience is made up of students aged c16-25 who are looking for work experience, internships, industrial placements or graduate roles.  There are a number of pages for 16-18 year students, on work experience opportunities, advice on subject selection and degree choice as well as school leaver programmes for those considering not going to university. These A Level pages tend to be very popular and an ideal forum for you to reach students very early in their thinking.

The Student Ladder is relatively new, launched in August 2012. It has a growing audience. Google analytics numbers show:

An average of 60,000 visits per month
An average of 46,000 unique visitors per month
An average of 159,000 page views per month

Targeting your advertising

Listed below are the areas that The Student Ladder have pages dedicated to by year of study, so you can assess which best fits your own profile and which student population you are looking to reach.


There is a large section on careers and pages dedicated to each particular job. So for example the section on Insurance, has separate pages for insurance broker and insurance underwriter. For the various options within careers , click here:

Contact us

If you would like to discuss advertising opportunities in more detail, either e-mail Karen Young at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07786 381559.

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